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End User Equipment for your Business.

Remote work has never seen such a rapidly increasing trend than these current Covid times we are in. Companies have been aligning flexible jobs and remote work to their strategic objectives now more than ever. This flexibility allows employees to meet business objectives while maintaining a work-life balance efficiently and in the safety of their own homes. Hence end-user devices used must be up to date and easily adaptable to a work life from home.

Bridge IT understands the shift in office environments forces employers to change their approach to how they manage their workforce. We provide small-medium businesses with the tools and processes necessary to enable employees to have the flexibility for remote work if needed. Bridge IT realises it’s not just about supplying the devices; it’s about providing the most effective solution and support for employees that enable them to achieve business goals.

End User Devices:
Equip your workforce efficiently.

What are end user devices?

End User Devices refer to personal computers (desktops, notebooks, or workstations) or any consumer devices that employees use.

Types of end user devices

Bridge IT Solutions provides end user solutions including laptops and notebooks, desktops, thin clients, workstations, 2-in-1 devices, and tablets.

Why do they matter?

Facilitate employees to work at their optimum. The flexible nature of devices allows them to work anywhere or manage projects from one location.

Hardware and Equipment

1.Workplace Equipment/Learning Space Design

The custom-fit equipping of the workplace is a necessity for employees to work efficiently, in a target-oriented manner and successfully.

2. Infrastructure/Virtualization

IT infrastructure connects computers and workplaces in companies, schools and universities. They allow all sorts of software to be run as well as the digital exchange of information.

3. Mobile Devices/Wearables

Mobile devices feature heavily in the everyday lives of most people. The majority of people cannot manage without their smartphone or tablet computer, and mobile device usage is constantly increasing.

4. Presentation Technology/Smart Media

Smart media is used by teachers, professors and anybody who wants to successfully present professional concepts and ideas. Various smart media, media technology, convention technology and conference technology is used in presentations

We offer more hardware and equipment

We are specialized in providing end user equipment to your business needs from retail outlet teller thin client terminals, all in one desktops to high performance gaming laptops from popular brands such as ASUS, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Apple, Acer, Huawei, and local brands such as Mecer, HiSense, MTN, Vodacom(white labelled OEM) equipment specific to your business needs.

Mobile and Tablets from popular brands Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, LG, OnePlus, Sony, Xiaomi, Microsoft Vodacom, MTN (white labelled OEM) specific to your business needs from high end smart phones such as iPhone, Galaxy Flip 4, Microsoft Surace Pro, iPad to feature phones.

We supply all end user equipment accessories from mouse, keyboard, memory cards, desktop/laptop locks, laptop bags, privacy screens, power cables, adapters, power banks, hard drive and RAM modules for upgrade, etc.

We supply physical servers from HP, Dell, Lenovo, Huawei, IBM, CISCO and Converged Infrastructure supply, configuration and support services are provided against SLA (Service Level Agreements) for your data center needs.

We provide networking quipment from LAN Cables (CAT 6, 7 and 8), Fibre, Point to Point Microwave, Super WiFi equipment, Access Points & Routers, Switches & Repeaters, Firewalls, LTE Modems etc.

We are Microsoft Gold Partner, Oracle Silver Partner, Adobe Silver Partner, VMWARE, HP, SAP and IBM Partner and are authorized to supply software licenses from major OEMs in the market from Office 365(outlook, word, excel, powerpoint),MIMECAST, Antivirus (bit defender, kaspersky, bitdefender) and various software licenses.

We can assist with your Physical (Data Center) to Cloud migration using major Cloud proviers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and Huawei. We provden track record and certified and experienced consultants who can assist you with the cloud migration journey.

Smart Home & Connected Living

We supply Smart Business & connected living supported devices to make your home/ office needs. Smart Lighting, Smart Energy Management, Smart Appliances, IOT(Internet of Things) Equipment Supply, GPS Devices, Smart Security for your Business using IOT, Building and Facility Management etc.

Managed Services for Equipment

End user support, Network Infrastructure Support, and Monitoring & Change Management: Managed Services can be provided with skilled resources against your organization Service Levels. We have been providing managed services past 15 years to major listed corporates and public sector clients with excellence & dedication