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With technology gaining the ascendancy in schooling, we created a Learning Management System (LMS). Our rich history of providing teacher training and development into the digital age evolved into the delivery of specialist digital for STEM subjects. These solutions expanded into end-to-end e-learning platform for schools. The platform offers live streaming classroom content, archived video content, and specialized video content integrated with augmented reality functionality to improve the learning and online classroom engagement.

Our content is supported by an in-house proprietary learning platform that offers multiple user capabilities in engaging, learning, revision and real time assessment capabilities on course material offered. The learning technological capabilities offered are: schedule live classroom sessions, real time chat function enabling Q&As capability, catch up classroom session through stored video library, classroom notes and presentations that are downloadable to facilitate offline learning, real-time revision and assessment capability.

The LMS / e-Learning Solution is a 100% web solution perfectly adaptable to different types of education and allows a complete and effective management of the student. The LMS provides the ability to assist the student with automated scheduling and reminder for online classes and assignments, respectively.

We create tailor made solutions

The purpose of the learner management system is to provide a consistent and scheduled learning experience for the student online, while also providing the parent and teacher with reporting of the student’s progress across all subjects, assignments and allocated work to be completed and submitted online.

An addition to the LMS, integration with Artificial Intelligence (AI) will provide the teachers with more in-depth reporting on the student’s ability or inability to grasp a specific concept within a subject; this will then be highlighted to the teacher where additional revision and support can be provided to enable the student to close the learning gap.


eLearning Development

eLearning modules which are engaging, targeted and interactive provide the most convenient and accessible form of learning for learners to access when and where they want.

Our eLearning modules are:

  • designed by professional instructional designers, Graphic artists and eLearning developers with extensive experience in on-line and mobile learning development.
  • SCORM compliant so they can be used in any Learning Management System (LMS).

Blended Learning Solutions

Blended learning solutions are programs which include multiple delivery modes for the learner. This is to provide for individual learning which is convenient and accessible and face to face learning when required.We design engaging and interactive learning programs utilising:

  • eLearning modules or “Learning Bites” – to allow for “chunked” learning of smaller pieces of information. This aides understanding and retention and regular updates of information.
  • Face-to-face workshops to encourage networking, interactivity and practical skill development for “deep dive” experiential learning.
  • Selection of additional curated learning of free reading material, videos and Ted Talks to supplement developed content.
  • Workplace development activities/projects: on-the-job learning with mentoring.
  • Social Learning and forums which are held via webinars or LMS.

Why Blended Learning Solutions?

Instructor-Led Training (ILT) isn’t dying and will continue to be the preferred mode for several trainings. However, there is a clear shift toward its digitization and this trend will accelerate further.

The value that blended learning solutions provide to organizations:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Shorter training session duration
  • Ease of scaling
  • Ability to reach a wider audience in a shorter time with a consistent message
  • Ability to update and re-deploy training in less time

System Integration

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