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eHealth Software Solutions

eDoctor is the premier cloud-based software solution that helps you bring your medical practice online. Our complete system of products connects clinics and doctors to the pharmacies and labs they need to deliver treatment. Our products 1to1Clinic, 1to1MD, and 1to1Pharmacy are fully mobile enabled, so your practice can instantly provide online medical treatment, e-diagnosis, e- prescribing and more, 24/7/365. The unique medical software system can provide the outcomes you and your patients want and deserve. With mobile collaboration, patient outreach and patient engagement strategies for Clinicians, Doctors, and Pharmacists. The system includes the easy-to-use tools needed to communicate, diagnose, and administer treatment on a 100% secure platform available 24/7.

Solution Features

  • Central concept dictionary: Definitions of all data (both questions and answers) are defined in a centralized dictionary, allowing for robust, coded data.
  • Security: User authentication.
  • Privilege-based access: User roles and permission system.
  • Patient repository: Creation and maintenance of patient data, including demographics, clinical observations, encounter data, orders, etc.
  • Multiple identifiers per patient: A single patient may have multiple medical records.
  • Data entry: With the Form Entry module, clients with InfoPath (included in Microsoft Office 2003 and later) can design and enter data using flexible, electronic forms. With the HTML Form Entry module, forms can be created with customized HTML and run directly within the web application.
  • Data export: Data can be exported into a spreadsheet format for use in other tools (Excel,Access, etc.)
  • Standards support: HL7 engine for data import.
  • Modular architecture: Modules can be extended and add any type of functionality to the existing API and web app.