At Providence Software Solutions, we provide a full digitization service as well as preventative fraud measure through technology.

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We are Providence Software Solutions

A company turning ideas into beautiful things.

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We are a Software Development, Support and Security Consulting Services Expert

Providence Software Solutions was established in 2005 by like-minded and driven professionals who realized the value of combining their Information Technology knowledge, experience and entrepreneurial thinking.

The company’s primary objective is to provide innovative and efficient services and solutions that allow companies to achieve their full potential by leveraging the latest software and technology devices.

Providence Software Solutions, provides services in the areas of customized outreach field to elite clients and a diverse customer base in various industries with a strong focus on the private and public sectors.

We create tailor made solutions

At Providence Software, we believe in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we support efforts in the communities we live and work through skills development strategies in these communities. We actively and financially support learners and graduates in these communities through skill programs, internships and formal qualifications offered by higher educational institutions.

Providence Software subscribes to the South African governments Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment policy and strategy by being a Level 1 B-BBEE company. We thrive towards maintaining full compliance with the requirements of the Employment Equity Act.

At Providence Software, our employees are our best asset, therefore we believe in Staff Development to ensure that they reach their full potential. We encourage the pursuit of knowledge and accreditation to equip them with the required skills to improve their job performance. This in turn, ensures that we are able to serve our diverse client base.

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Here are 4 working steps to
organize our business projects.

1. Integrity and Trust

We know that all good relationships are built on trust, therefore we guarantee honesty and strong moral principles.

2. Perfection and Quality

We know that your business matters to you, therefor it matters to us. We ensure quality on all projects that we work on.

3. Adaptability

We understand that requirements and needs change, just like technology changes. We are able to adapt to all situations.

4. Punctuality

We understand that you have deadlines, we ensure to keep to the deadlines that was predetermined.


What Is Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is the upcoming third generation of the internet where websites and apps will be able to process information in a smart human-like way through technologies like machine learning (ML), Big Data, decentralized ledger technology (DLT), etc. Web 3.0 was originally called the Semantic Web by World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee, and was aimed at being a more autonomous, intelligent, and open internet.

The Web 3.0 definition can be expanded as follows: data will be interconnected in a decentralized way, which would be a huge leap forward to our current generation of the internet (Web 2.0), where data is mostly stored in centralized repositories.

Furthermore, users and machines will be able to interact with data. But for this to happen, programs need to understand information both conceptually and contextually. With this in mind, the two cornerstones of Web 3.0 are semantic web and artificial intelligence (AI).

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

As Web 3.0 networks will operate through decentralized protocols — the founding blocks of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology — we can expect to see a strong convergence and symbiotic relationship between these three technologies and other fields. They will be interoperable, seamlessly integrated, automated through smart contracts and used to power anything from micro transactions in Africa, censorship-resistant P2P data file storage and sharing with applications like Filecoin, to completely changing every company conduct and operate their business. The current slew of DeFi protocols are just the tip of the iceberg.

VR AR Imersive Technology IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects physical and virtual worlds. Data from IoT-enabled devices is collected, converted into information and made visible in real time through the likes of augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Immersive technologies represent the IoT, so to speak, by augmenting the world with information derived from the IoT or even immersing us in it completely. Despite its potential, the exponentially predicted growth of AR/VR has so far fallen short of expectations. This said, 2020 has become a turning point.

The interest in and demand for augmented and virtual reality has increased enormously due to the pandemic. Companies are using immersive technologies to improve collaboration, strengthen customer loyalty, optimise workflows and capture and transfer knowledge in times of social distancing. 5G, cloud and edge computing will continue to drive this development in 2021. Ultra-high bandwidths and low latency times through 5G as well as the increasing spread and acceptance of cloud and edge structures enable new XR (an umbrella term for all immersive technologies) use cases that were not possible before. Currently, there are still technological hurdles that can make the use of AR and VR a challenge.

System Integration

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